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Arrowbear Lake

Location and Directions:

     Arrow Bear Lake is located in the beautiful San Bernadino Mountains near the city of Running Springs. From I-10 take the 215 North to Hwy. 18 N. Then take the 30 East to Hwy. 330 North into the mountains to Running Springs. Then take 18 East approx. 2 miles and look for the sign on the right.

General Info:

    This is a very small lake that has actually been known to dry-up during drought seasons. It is open year-'round (except when froze-over) sunrise to sunset.


Fishing Info:

    Stocked with rainbow trout during the late Spring by the DFG.

Comments and Tips:

    We currently don't have any comments or tips on this area. If you know something about this area that you'd like to share, please Email and I'll post it here!

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