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  Lytle Creek

Location and Directions:

      Lytle Creek is located near the city of San Bernardino off Int. 15. From Int. 15, take Sierra Ave. exit and head NW into the mountains. Turns into Lytle Creek Rd. Continue past the town of Scotland to the North Fork. To go to the Middle Fork, turn west on first dirt road past Camp Bonita Road.

General Info:

    Camping and picnicing is permitted at the Applewhite Campground area. There are also some under-developed campsites along the Middle and South Forks. For more information, please visit Lytle Creek info.

Other lakes in the area:
Yucaipa Park Lake
Glen Helen Lakes
Cucamonga Guasti Park Lakes

Lytle Creek Map
Click for a printable version of this map

Fishing Info:

    Rainbow trout are stocked here during the Spring and Fall months by the DFG. The stockings take place in the North Fork at the Applewhite campground area and below the middle fork juncture. The Middle Fork is planted from Lytle Creek Rd., upstream 1-2 miles.

Comments and Tips:

    Its a very nice looking creek, the fire storms destoryed the forest and when the El Nino winter of 04-05 and 05-06 totally washed out the creek and now it just a bathing and swimming spot for the kooks and creeps. Don't bother taking the drive, your car might get stollen. If you are a person who enjoys the shooting aports, the is an excellent shooting range at the end of the road (past the gate and old firing line, about 4 miles outside of town). Its fairly cheap to go up there for some all day fun!

Chris Lorenzi

    Lytle Creek is fishable year round depending on weather and flow conditions. Before the firestorms that hit the area there was a substantial population of native rainbow trout in the stream.

Keith Tuttle

     If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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