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  Perris Lake

Location and Directions:

17801 Lake Perris Dr.
Perris, CA 92571
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      Lake Perris is located southeast of the city of Riverside, CA. From L.A. take I-10 East to I-15 South. Take 215 South and exit Ramona Expy. East to the lake.

General Info:

Perris Lake Map
Click for printable version of this map

     Lake Perris consists of 2,250 surface acres and 10 miles of shoreline at capacity. It sets at an elevation of 1,588 feet. The Park is open from 6AM-8PM (OCT-APR) and 6AM-10PM (APR-OCT). Entrance fee is $8.00 per car. There is a bait shop and a mini-mart to serve your needs. Camping is available for $25 for non hookup and $34 for hookups. Call for reservations! (800) 444-7275. (909) 657-0676. Ranger Station (951) 940- 5600. Visit the Perris Lake Website for fees, camping info. and reservations
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Boating Info:

    Boating, Skiing and Float-tubing are allowed. There is an excellent launch facility for $8 per vessel. Rental boats and over-night slips are available at the marina (909) 657-2179. ALL VESSELS MUST BE OFF THE WATER BY SUNSET.

Fishing Info:

    Perris is known mainly for it's Bass fishing which has been continually improving these past few years. The lake holds the state record for Spotted Bass although catches of these planters have declined over the years. There is a healthy supply of Largemouths here and two-digit fish are not uncommon. There are also some unusually large Bluegill (up to 3 pounds!) and Catfish here. Rainbow trout are stocked from Fall through Spring by the DFG

Lake Records

  • Alabama Spotted Bass - 9 pounds, 6 ounces
  • Florida Largemouth Bass - 16 pounds, 8 ounces
  • Bluegill - 3 pounds, 15 ounces
  • Rainbow Trout - 7 pounds
  • Channel Catfish - 30 pounds
  • Read and Post Perris Lake Fishing Reports Here

Comments and Tips:

Lake Perris is a great close lake for the whole family, we visit the lake almost once a month, I am a diver and there is a few of us that like to dive at perris. The lake is usaly about 15 to 25 feet visability and sometimes more, lots of fish. and it has been cleaned up so much in the last few years. We have seen carp at least 4 to 5 foot lond around 50 lbs or more, I have not seen but on catfish, but lots of bass, bluegill and perch. Realy a great place to visit.

Bob Sauter

Title=Guide to fishing lake perris


Message=Hello, I am writing this because I have been fishing lake perris for a few years and have always wanted to know a little bit more about it. First off, I would like to tell you a little about myself. Iím a 15 year old bass/trout angler that lives in Corona, CA. I began fishing just when I learned how to walk. Being introduced to the great world of bass fishing only a few years ago, I have gained much knowledge of the sport. Fishing is one of the best hobbies around, and I hope to make more of it. Knowing a lot about the internet, I have always tried to find good web sites on lake perris. The fact is there are only a few sites that tell minimal amounts of information. The reason I look up lake perris is because it is the most interesting and well-rounded fisheries around. Iíve fished Castaic, Irvine, Corona Lake, Elsinore, hodges, and a few others and I must say, the best of these is lake perris.
Although in the summer lake perris tends to get very hectic with the hundreds of jetskiers and boats that crowd the lake, I use this to my advantage. The waves get really high during the afternoon, but when you are on the east end, these waves die down and become little ripples that barely disturb the water. This tends to disrupt the forage, (mainly baby bass and sunfish) and the bass roam the weed beds looking for the startled food. This is my favorite time to fish the bass. I usually toss a green Rapala crankbait or a Castaic baby sunfish. The majority of the bass see these large yet relatively slow baits and go after them. Also, if the waves arenít that bad, I fish a green zipper worm or a Bass Pro Shops Cattipillar in Tequila sunrise color. This bait rigged with a light bullet weight can be tossed into the many trees and holes in the weeds and catch a lot of bass.
One thing that many people mistake about lake perris is that the main forage of the bass is red-ear sunfish and bluegill, not threadfin shad. Iíve snorkeled the waters here and have had the chance to see bass ambush these fish. Also, there is an ambundance of other shad, that is about 3 inches long and clear. I donít know the species of this but it seemed like it would be one of the forages of the bass. Crawfish and rainbow trout in the winter are one of the North and Dam end bassís main food source. The slow and meaty trout are easy prey for large bass and they seem to go crazy when they are stocked into the lake. If you notice that the DFG has stocked lake perris with trout lately and you want some great action, rig a Castaic soft trout and get ready for some big strikes.
I know I didnít cover all the diverse factors of lake perris, but I hope I covered most. Thank you, and I hope this guide to lake perris has helped you.

Title=Try a Castaic Shad at Perris



Message=Kyle Try throwing a castaic shad right into the bass boils at perris and get ready for a fight!

Title=Tubing Lake Perris

Name=M. H.


Message=Sail Cove which is in the NW corner of the lake near the dam is good for bass, trout, (when stocked), and bluegill. The east end of the lake near the trees is also good but takes a walk or bike ride to get to. Have fun!

 If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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