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Lake Castaic

Location and Directions:

     Lake Castaic is located off of Interstate 5 approximately 45 miles north of Los Angeles. From I-5 exit Lake Hughes rd. and go east to the lake entrance.

General Info:

    Lake Castaic consits of approx. 2,230 surface acres at capacity. It rests at an elevation of 1,500 feet and is surrounded by the Castaic Lake State Recreation area. The lake is open year round from sunrise to sunset. (Closed Christmas) 24-hour fishing is available in the lower lake. Entrance fee is $6.00 per car. There is a bait shop and a Mobil mini-mart to serve your needs. Camping is available at the lake and at Castaic Lake RV Park. Call for reservations! The park address is 32100 Ridge Route Rd. Castaic, Ca. 91384, (661) 257-4050, Marina (661) 649-2043, Castaic Lagoon (661) 295-0849, Castaic RV Park (661) 257-3340, Camping Reservations (661) 257-4050. Castaic Lake  Official Lake Website.

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Boating Info:

    Castaic lake has two excellent launch facilities and also has rental boats at the East marina for $24 per day. Skiing and Jet-skiing is allowed on the upper lake in the west arm only. The lower lake is restricted to electric-powered boats only.

Fishing Info:

    Known primarily for it's Largemouth bass fishing, Castaic also hosts a variety of other gamefish such as Trout, Crappie, Catfish, and Striped Bass. These fish are often overlooked by fisherman targeting the prized Largemouths that live here. The DFG stocks rainbow trout here from Fall through Spring.

 As I have said, this lake is known primarily for it's largemouth bass fishing. There are some BIG, HEALTHY fish that live here. 3 of the top 5 largemouth bass of all time came from Castaic and 7 of the top 25 of all time were caught here. As you would guess, this lake gets a lot of fishing pressure and the "Big-Uns" are usually quite smart. However with the right conditions, a little finesse, and a lot of luck, it is possible to land 2-digit fish from here.

 Live baits such as crawdads are responsible for a number of the bigger fish that come out of here although jigs, plastics, crank, and spinnerbaits are also effective. Many local anglers believe that the best time to fish is right after a DFG trout plant. When this happens, many of the larger striped and largemouth bass go on a "feeding frenzy", gorging themselves on the helpless little trout. Trout-imitation plugs are known to work well during these times.

 Of course, not all the trout are eaten by the bass; many are taken by anglers either trolling or spin casting near the dam. Small spinners and Kastmasters have been known to work good as well as a variety of baits such as inflated nightcrawlers, marshmallows, and Power Bait. There is also some very good catfish fishing here for anglers using mackerel or nightcrawlers near the dam or in one of the many coves throughout the lake.

 Another area of intrest is Castaic Lagoon, which is located just south of the main lake. Like the main lake, this place is also stocked with rainbow trout by the DFG from Fall through Spring. Also, as in the main lake, there are some huge largemouths in here that go "Hawg Wild" whenever the trout are stocked here. The lagoon is said to hold a surprisingly high population of 10+ pound bass for this reason: Until recently, the only certified scale in the area was at the mini-mart next to the lagoon. Anglers fishing the main lake would catch a big fish and, wanting to verify the weight, would drive down to the mini-mart, weigh it, and then release it into the lagoon. (Most anglers would not bother driving the fish back to the main lake). Certified scales have now been installed near the launch ramp at the main lake.

 Trout fishing is also very popular at the lagoon with the best spots at the east ramp, and along the rocks on the south shore. Power Baits, inflated nightcrawlers, small lures and spinners are all effective. Night fishing is also allowed in the lagoon, making it a popular place for catfish anglers; especially during the summer months.

Comments and Tips:

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